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The Trousers.

Ginger RogersRecently, I’ve wanted nothing more than to make a fine pair of trousers for myself. The weather is decidedly nippy at the moment and the thought of donning some perfectly fitting, snuggerthananything wool trousers has filled me with delight. Add to this a recent obsession with Ginger Rogers, who wore some killer trousers in her time, I set myself the task of making something 1940s inspired so I, too, can prance around the house/school/streets pretending that I am a Golden Age movie starlet. Good plan, heh?¬†Granted, we are NOWHERE NEAR making trousers at school (I’m still battling with welt pockets) but there’s nothing like diving in at the deep end!

I was pretty sure I had a good trick up my sleeve, anyway… Read more…


An Insect Infestation

2f77c589ba54a671f5310d631f74486dThe Crushed Beetles have landed. En masse.

I thought button-hole making would be a doddle – after all, how could such a tiny detail on a garment prove even remotely problematic to a girl who’s taking on the challenge of making entire suits? ¬†Truth be told, I felt an inexplicable confidence that making button holes would be MY THING. One of my many mistaken confidences, so it transpires… Read more…