Catch a Falling Star….

… and put it in the VeryFirstDoubleJettedPocketYou’veEverMade!

Now this is the business. For the first time at school, we’re actually making something that I can immediately be recognised as belonging on a suit. With a hop and a skip of joy, this week I waved goodbye (just for a moment, at least) to those tricky stitches whose primary aim is invisibility.

The double jetted pocket is gloriously, triumphantly visible (in a subtle, discreet kind of a way). But such an elegant looking thing! I’m fit to bursting with ideas to play around with it … Can I shape the jets? Can I curve them? How thin can I get them? What would it look like if the jets were made in a contrasting colour? Ohhhh! The possibilities are endless! But first I must master the basics. Of course. But before I even get onto that, I must draw your attention to my very first attempt at the DJP which got a ‘damn fine’ seal of approval from V … ! A certain bolt out of the blue if ever there was one! And a most welcome one at that. Needless to say, I have LOVED making pockets ever since!

The First Pocket in stages!

I suppose I should also add that all my golden-girl-glory was quickly quashed when, in a moment of excitement after said praise I upped and left my sewing machine and scampered across the workshop floor in bare feet to grab some pins ready to make the next one. V’s eyes were on me in an instant. Oh what trouble I was in! I had, like he suggested, quite lost my mind. Nevertheless, I have carried on apace with the old pockets, this time, shoes very definitely on.

Pockets as far as the eye can see... I’ve even dabbled in the realms of the flap pocket… the venture looks like a triumph from the outside… but within is a sorry looking thing! The lining is all buckled and crumpled, having had a too eager hot and steamy iron pressed over it… lesson most certainly learnt!

Oh! The dreaded buckling!

If and once I can master appropriate use of the iron (a trickier thing than you can imagine!), my next challenge will be to match a flap pocket using checked wool… perfect alignment, here I come!


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