Back to School

Back to School

After an absolute AGE of waiting, this Wednesday finally saw the start of Project Tailor.

Three days in and I’m good for nothing. Flat Out exhausted. The lethal combination of nervous anticipation, hunger (forgot lunch on first day and couldn’t face buying from canteen as now penniless student…) and ridiculously lengthy Health & Safety briefings hit me hard. We even had to sit through two afternoons of literacy and numeracy exams for goodness sake! Properly hard stuff too – I’m not sure when I’ll be working out equations that include π during the construction of garments, but Newham College seems to think it may just happen. And for someone who hasn’t taken an exam for over 5 years, the whole ‘examination’ process was a bit of a shocker. Particularly when at the end of each test, I received a large summary of the numerous areas in which I could improve. Clearly all that knowledge I stuffed into my brain to get that A level Maths and BA in English Literature didn’t hang around in my brain for long. Hey ho.

Despite being made to feel like an idiot, however, despite my nerves, even despite my rumbling stomach, I finished my first week of the Extended Certificate in Bespoke Tailoring Level 1 feeling utterly inspired. The main reason? The 60 equally nervous, equally excited, equally itching-to-get-started people sitting in the classroom with me. So many different backgrounds. So many different ages. Former graphic designers, ex medical students, some fresh from school, some who (I imagine) would rather keep their age to themselves… the very model of an eclectic mix. And already, some of them are proving to be the brightest buttons in town. Quick, creative and skilled. I will DEFINITELY have to work hard to keep up with these guys. And I have a feeling I’m going to enjoy every minute of the ride.


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